A Camphill Fellowship

Solborg is a community within the Camphill movement. The goal of Solborg is to create new forms of community living inspired by anthroposophy, with people with special needs.

 Approximately fifty people belong to Solborg community. In the wider community there is a Steiner school and kindergarten in Solborg, as well as Asbjørnsen and Moe guesthouse with seminar center.

 Solborg is located in South-Eastern Norway, about an hour north of Oslo. Within Solborg is an organic farm and vegetable garden, as well as forest management, bakery, herb workshop and weavery.

Living in Solborg

In Solborg we live together in both small and large family homes, and in individual units. Life in the village is in many ways different from life in society, and can be seen as an alternative way of life where work and money is not directly related to each other. We try to find human values ​​that may be a source of power and driving force for the individual.


The Village concept, which is the basis for everything that is done in Solborg, is based on Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy and Karl König's ideas at the foundation of the Camphill movement.

Social therapy - an inner attitude

The thing that makes our therapeutic care in the village work is the social environment. People with mental disabilities - the villagers - must be able to relate to you as a friend, someone they can turn to for help and support. No matter what their disability may be, it is important to bear in mind that they are adults, not children, and their wishes and opinions must be respected.


The social community represents the heart of our village. The relationship of the house is nurtured in a special way. The house is the villagers as well as the coworkers home. Together those that live in the house work to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.


Working life is at the heart of the village. Our goal is that everyone should have meaningful and joyful work that both responds to the individual's abilities and meets a need in the village. Unlike most other businesses, we choose to separate our work from the payroll. We receive money that relates to our needs, not to the work that we do.


The celebration of the Christian festivals and seasonal festivals are an importantpart of our life. Coworkers take an active part in our cultural life together with our villagers, as this is an important part of the community -building work Solborg does. The formulation of the daily and weekly rythms during the course of the year, is part of our therapeutic social work.