Welcome to the Web pages for Camphill Solborg. Here you can find information about our village as well as information on the camphill movement in Norway and the rest of the world. The sidebar to the left contains links to our various workshops and houses, as well as information on how to find us and how to apply to join the village. There you will also find links to the other Camphill sites in Norway.

About Solborg

Solborg is a living and working community for people with special needs and co-workers. In the village we are trying to create an integrated work and living situation for everyone. Solborg was founded in 1977. The first Camp Hill site was started in 1939 in Scotland, Vidaråsen village was founded in 1966 as the first Camphill village in Norway. Solborg was originally for children with special needs who had dropped out of the ordinary school system and who needed to stay in a protected environment. At the beginning of 1980's Solborg changed to offer a lifelong community for adults with and without disabilities. On this site you can find information on how to apply for a position as a villager, or as an employee, further descriptions of the various aspects of village life and a little about the village's history. Solborg is Ringerike municipality in Buskerud, Norway.