ATTENTION: Camphill Solborg have put in place measures to help reducing the spread of the coronavirus

This is done in order to shield the health of our villagers, co-workers, their families as well as other partners.

We actively follow the guidelines and recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health in Norway, and have also implemented the following measures:

All major events are cancelled or postponed. Smaller events in the villages are considered on an ongoing basis.

All journeys are cancelled for the time being with immediate effect. Exceptions shall be considered by the administration in the village.

IMPORTANT: Those who, for various reasons, plan to visit Camphill Solborg must contact them by phone in advance on +47 45 16 61 55





Welcome to Camphill Solborg

Solborg is a living and working place for people with special needs and employees. In the village we try to create a holistic work and housing for everyone. Solborg was founded in 1977.

Solborg was originally for young people with special needs who had fallen out of the ordinary school system and who needed to live in a more sheltered environment. In the early 80s, the place went on to offer a community life for adult people with and without disabilities.

Nearly sixty people belong to the Solborg community.
Solborg has a Ringerike Steinerskole and a kindergarten as the nearest neighbor.

At Solborg we have among other things a biodynamic farm and horticulture, a forestry group, a bakery, a herbal workshop and a weaving workshop.

             Anthroposophy and Social Therapy

Life in the village is based on Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy and the village impulse that Karl König developed at the founding of the international Camphill movement in the 1940s.
We create a social community and a rhythm in everyday life that seems therapeutic for all.
The basic idea of ​​social therapy is to try to see the individual behind the obstacles that can be seen in everyday life.

                       Common Lifestyle

At Solborg we live together in small and larger family houses, some also live in individual residential units. Life in the village is in many ways different from the life in the big society, and can be seen as an alternative way of life where work and money are not directly related to one another. We try to find values ​​that can inspire the individual.

                          Cultural life

A rich and vibrant cultural life is a natural part of the village life, including plays, concerts, lectures, eurytmi, music and dance.
We mark the Christian holidays and seasonal celebrations with joint celebrations.



Photo:Anuj Kumar